Why Leaders Must Remain ALERT

Most people underestimate how much a leader needs to know, pay attention to, consider, and do, because they are not intimately involved in the process. The fact is, effective leadership requires a wide variety of talents, variables, assets, etc, which must be combined with a well – developed aptitude, and a can – do, positive attitude! Are you ready, willing and able, to keep your eye on the ball, regardless of the stresses, obstacles, challenges, and distractions? One must avoid any tendency to lose his focus, even for a short – period, because you can never be sure, when opportunities might arise, and when challenges must be addressed in a timely manner, in order to avoid negative ramifications, etc! Let’s briefly discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some reasons, leaders must do all they possibly can, to remain ALERT.

1. Attention; attitude; action: Will you be ready and prepared, when meaningful action, might be called for, and needed? How will you differentiate between trivial and relevant issues? How have you honed your self – discipline, and self – confidence, so as to maintain a positive, can – do attitude, while others permit negativity to creep in? Are you paying a sufficient degree of attention?

2. Listen; learn; leadership: Many studies have indicates, unprepared leaders often overlook variables they should be prepared for, or have been warned of! A true leader will continuously pay attention, and listen effectively, to those he serves, and to what is going on around him! This is a necessity of effective leadership, because how can anyone do what’s needed, if he hasn’t paid attention, and been alert?

3. Energetic; empathy; emergency; excellence: A true leader’s energy and positive attitude, often becomes positively contagious! When you put your constituents first, and focus on service, and their needs, concerns, perceptions, priorities, and goals, you begin to exhibit the type of genuine empathy, great leaders must exhibit! Rather than being a crisis manager, who lets circumstances control his actions, proactively prepare for emergencies and ramifications. One’s pursuit must consistently be, for excellence!

4. Relevant; reasonable; reliable: True leaders don’t merely act, but prioritize relevant actions! By paying attention, they pursue essential, priority – based, reasonable pursuits, goals and priorities! One can never be an effective leader, until/ unless he proves he is reliable!

5. Timely; trends; traction: Procrastination is, perhaps, the greatest carcinogen, facing effective leadership! Rather, one must pursue well – considered, timely action, which takes advantage of relevant trends, and helps his group gain needed traction, towards sustainability!

Will you be unfocused, or disciplined enough, to be, an ALERT leader? One must make that choice, for himself!

Source by Richard Brody

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