True Leaders Leave Their BAGGAGE At The Door

Have you ever listened to someone in a position of leadership, who, rather than focusing on some sort of universal, wide-based message or need, focused on how it impacted them, or their life? Have you had to sit in a meeting, where you had to endure constant references to someone’s home-life, circumstances, or personal troubles? How did it make you feel, motivated or aloof? Edward Everett Hale put it this way, “Never bear more than one trouble at a time. Some people bear three-all they have had, all they have now, and all they expect to have.” If someone in leadership does so, does it have a positive or negative influence on those around him? Those who text, often write, TMI, standing for, too much information. Quality leaders stay on topic, focused, and keep their private lives separate from their roles as a leader! In other words, they try to keep their personal BAGGAGE at the door!

1. Benefits; bring: When you focus on the task ahead, you are able to emphasize benefits, ideas, and reasons. It becomes about those you serve, and not about you! Will you raise your constituents up, or are you going to bring them down?

2. Attitude: Regardless of one’s skills, aptitudes, assets, ideas, abilities, or willingness to serve, unless he proceeds, on a consistent basis, with a can-do, positive attitude, and demonstrates that clearly to others, so they can understand, believe, perceive, and buy-in, he will never be able to become a truly, effective leader!

3. Generate goodwill: Which group will fare better, the one which is full of infighting and derision, or the one, where the emphasis is on generating goodwill, and coming to a meeting of the minds, to best serve the common good?

4. Goals: One may possess the most essential goals, but unless/until he gets others to adopt them, as their own, there is little chance for them to go to fruition! How will you communicate goals, needs, concerns, priorities, and solutions, if you emphasize your personal problems, rather than clearly looking at the best way to address the group’s challenges?

5. Attention: We always say leaders need a high degree of attention, but they also must get others to pay attention to their message! Spending any degree of time publicly airing your personal problems, takes away from the message you need to communicate!

6. Gusto: Great leaders demonstrate how much they care, by both proceeding with a high degree of personal energy, as well as energizing their group!

7. Energy; empathy; elicit: Your energy must be based on constantly communicating a clearly, empathetic message and theme. In order to elicit the desired result, you must stay-on-track!

We all have personal issues, but avoid bringing your BAGGAGE to your position! Leaders who are focused and directed, experience consistently better results!

Source by Richard Brody

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