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Travel Advice – Travel Recommendations to Peru

If you travel by plane:

  • Make sure you are familiar with the terms of the brochure (restrictions or limitations).
  • Request information about the new departure time of your flight, if it has been rescheduled or canceled.
  • If you have any problems with luggage (loss, damage, missing), you must claim the company before leaving the customs area.
  • If you travel by contracting the services of a travel agency:
  • Make sure the information on the tour package is clear and detailed.
  • Do not allow extra charges if you have not been informed before.

Access by land:

  • Require your ticket to indicate the seat number and a ticket if you have a team in the hold.
  • Do not allow passengers to get on the route, do not walk people standing or have lumps in the passage.
  • Inform the company if it carries valuables.
  • Do not allow passengers to get on the route.


  • Read carefully the conditions of the contracts in order to know the limitations and / or restrictions imposed by the tourism companies.
  • It avoids contracting services of people that circulate in the vicinity of the air and land terminals or in the public highway.
  • Request proof of payment for all your consumption and purchases.
  • When traveling by bus, if you bring valuables, put them in your hand luggage.
  • If you camp, try to do it in a group. Minimizes the use of bonfires. Throw rubbish only in trash cans or carry a bag to pick them up.
  • It takes care of the nature and the monuments visited. Remember that the wealth of our country is in its heritage.
  • Avoid carrying radios or other devices that alter the natural environment of the area.
  • Take lots of pictures and tell us about your trips on blogs.
  • If you buy handicrafts and local products, you are supporting the local economy.

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