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Junin Peru – Information on Tourism in Junin

Sierra, jungle and traditions
Waterfalls and valleys of fertile land with landscapes in their purest state. Villages with deep religious vocation like Tarma and a National Reserve with birds and mammals of the ande. Route of the crafts where it is possible to observe the elaboration of fine looms and gold and silver jewelry.
Extensive green forest cover in Satipo and Chanchamayo, with botanical gardens and shelters in native communities.
Location: Sierra and central jungle.
Extension: 44,410 km2.

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Live culture and nature:
For people interested in ancient civilizations, collectors of art and crafts, observers of flora and fauna, lovers of nature and folklore typical of Peru.

Useful data


The city of Huancayo has a rainy and cold climate. The rainy season is from October to April.


Maximum temperature 21 ° C70 ° F

Temperature minimum2 ° C36 ° F

The valleys of Chanchamayo and Satipo (low forest) have a tropical climate, warm and humid.


Maximum temperature 32 ° C90 ° F

Minimum temperature 14 ° C57 ° F

Access roads

    Lima-Ticlio-Huancayo: 310 Km
    by the Central Highway (5 hours 30 minutes by car)
    Lima-Ticlio-La Oroya-Chanchamayo-Satipo: 432 Km
    (5 hours by car).
    Consult days and schedules with Ferrocarril Central Andino.
    Lima-Huancayo 332 Km
    (10 hours Lima-Huancayo, 12 hours Huancayo-Lima)

  • Constitution Square   

Visiting Hours: At any time of the day.
Location: Calle Real, the main street of the city.
Main square of Huancayo, where the Liberal Constitution of Cadiz was sworn, years before the independence of Peru. The square, in full …
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  • Huancayo Cathedral

Visiting Hours: L-D 7: 30-9: 30 hours and 17: 00-19: 30 hours.
Location: Plaza Constitución.
Temple of neoclassic style, in the Plaza Constitución, elevated to the rank of Cathedral in 1955. In its interior are conserved paintings of …
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  • Capilla La Merced

Visiting Hours: L-D 9: 00-12: 00 hours and 15: 00-18: 30 hours.
Location: Calle Real 100.
Place where the Constitution of 1839 was signed. It was declared National Historical Monument by the National Institute of Culture. It is one of…
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  • Identity Park Huanca

Visiting Hours: At any time of the day.
Location: Northeast of Huancayo, 5 Km from the city.
It extends along 5,800 m2, in the San Antonio neighborhood. It is observed, among extensive green areas, works made in …
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  • Cerrito de La Libertad

Visiting Hours: At any time of the day.

Location: 1 km to the east of the city of Huancayo (5 …
Natural viewpoint from where you can see the city and part of the Mantaro valley. It has recreational and mechanical games, swimming pool …
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