Get the Best 3rd Party Car Insurance Quotes on Insurance Aggregator Website

As a vehicle owner you owe a lot of responsibility while driving your vehicle on the road. There is more to this responsibility than driving it safely and regular maintenance checks to prevent it from breaking down on the road. The law makes it mandatory for you to have third party car insurance before you are eligible to bring out your vehicle on the road. But buying insurance plans that offers you maximum coverage and comes at the best price isn’t always easy. The insurance market in Kenya as elsewhere in the world has numerous players offering a number of plans for you to choose from. If you are wondering on how to compare these plans systematically you need to try out the services of insurance aggregator websites. These websites help you in making informed decision and finding maximum coverage for your vehicle.

Find the Right Quotes       
As mentioned earlier the best way for you to buy insurance is through comparison. Finding the right insurance coverage starts with finding the right quote. When you visit these aggregator websites you would need to fill in a few details about the vehicle such as its model, make and the type of usage. Once you have entered these information these websites would immediately offer you 3rd party car insurance quotes from the leading insurance companies in Kenya. They don’t merely give you the quotes but also offer you deep insights into the plan in terms of its inclusions and exclusions. These companies also offer you consultancy services over phone where you can all their insurance experts and find the right plans that would meet your niche needs.

Unbiased Information       
Go back to the old days when you would consult an insurance broker or walk into the office of an insurance company to buy third party motor insurance in Kenya. Both the broker and the salesperson of the company would suggest you the ‘right’ plan for your needs. There were two problems with this approach. First these suggestions were driven by their self-interests and profits and secondly it wasn’t possible for you to visit every insurance company, ask for their quotes and compare them. Thus as a customer you could never be sure of the fact that the plan you bought was the best available in the market. Most brokers had their own favourites depending on the amount of commission they received on each sale. Insurance aggregator sites came and changed this for good. They offer you the latest data on insurance plans from all major companies in Kenya and you would be able to compare the plans in an organized manner. They have to offer you unbiased information as this is the selling point of their services.

Buying third party car insurance online offers you many advantages and the biggest of them all is that you would find a plan that suits your needs. While there are a number of insurance aggregator websites in Kenya you should choose one that deals with maximum number of insurance companies and also offers you consultancy services over the telephone. 

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