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Cuisine on the north coast of Peru

Cuisine on the north coast
The warm climate that shelters the northern coast of Peru offers the demanding taste of our visitors a variety of seafood and fish that delight your palate. A delicious way to taste the varied flavors of the cebiches and sweat is by drinking a cold beer or chicha de jora.
The lovers of the red meats will be able to enjoy our exquisite kid, whose upbringing is typical of the area.
The latter, among a varied gastronomic basket of salty and sweet dishes alike, make the north coast an ideal destination to visit.

Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque and La Libertad
The northern regions have a warm climate and a generous sea in fish and seafood. Among their highlights are cebiches and sweat, which combine marine species with acids, spices and aromatic herbs that give fresh and intense flavors. There are fish cebiches, black shells or seafood, marinated in lemon juice, chili, salt and supplements of onion, sweet potato and corn or parboiled corn.

The chinguirito is a special type of cebiche, with dry meat salted fish guitar. For main course we have the sweat of fish or steamed fish. Fried yucca, parmesan conchitas and chifles (fried banana slices) are appetizers to share. All food in the north is accompanied by an ice cold beer or chicha de jora, well frozen. The kid’s breeding is usual in this area, so kid’s dry is one of their typical foods. Another dish is the dry chabelo, which is prepared with beef cooked on the embers, with grilled plantain grilled; and rice with duck, seasoned with black beer, is a classic.
The theologian soup, a broth prepared with a pava; and Shambhar, another soup with mints, pork and beef, are also symbols of Northern gastronomy. Like every region, it also has its desserts. Quince jellies and King Kong, a giant alfajor stuffed with pineapple jam and white delicacy, are popular. In addition to restaurants, the taste and quality are enjoyed in chicherias, where it is cooked with firewood and with clay pots, or in “huariques” known for their peculiar homemade flavor.
Access: Air route: Daily flights from Lima to Tumbes, Piura, Chiclayo and Trujillo.
Land route: via the Panamericana Norte to Tumbes (km 1,268), Piura (km 982), Chiclayo (km 765) and Trujillo (km 560).

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