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Ayacucho Peru – Learn About Tourism in Ayacucho

Art and nature altarpiece
Land of artisans who keep alive the pottery tradition of the ancient Wari in coveted altarpieces, and a rosary of churches and mansions of marked colonial architecture with invaluable canvases and altars trace the outline of this land of historical moments and places, such as the Pampa de Ayacucho , where continental independence was sealed. Huamanga, called Ayacucho by Simón Bolívar, is a sanctuary that deserves to be visited town by town, with passion and without fear to discover the peculiar pleasure by the nostalgic music ayacuchana.
Location: Central Sierra of Peru. Crossed by two mountain ranges that divide it into three geographic units: from the high plains to the south, from the steep hills to the center and tropical jungle to the northeast.
Extension: 43,814 km2.

Ayacucho, an unforgettable city
There are different ways to visit Ayacucho touring amazing places in Peru. In this opportunity we will detail you find in this beautiful city and how you can reach from Lima, Cusco and Huancayo.

Ayacucho presents picturesque artisan districts like Santa Ana, Puca Cruz and Belén, where you will find outstanding masters of folk art. In the district of Carmen Alto is located the Tourist Viewpoint of Cerro Acuchimay, place that gives a wonderful view.
Among the 33 churches of colonial architecture in possession, Ayacucho presents an unforgettable route to visit 8 of them starting with La Catedral, located in Plaza Mayor.
In the surroundings of the city there are historical and great places that are part of its beauty, among them is the pre-Inca city of Wari, the village of Quinoa and many more places that amaze tourists. You will also have the opportunity to delight yourself with the exquisite Ayacucho cuisine such as Cuy Chacado, Qapchi, Puca Picante and much more.
We invite you to discover the historic city of Ayacucho and the wonderful places that surround it, click on the infographic.


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