A Great Leader Must Get Others To UNITE

One of the greatest challenges to effective leadership, is the failure for someone, who is either elected, selected, or ascends to a certain position, to be ready, willing and able, to personally transform, from a politician, to a statesman! Those running for often, unfortunately, in their quest to win, resort to exaggerations, rhetoric, and empty promises. They often pit their supporters against others, in an adversarial relationship, merely, in order to solidify their chances of victory. This often leads to our often – present state, of having a dearth of true, reliable, quality  leaders ! In order to become a great  leader , one must do all he can, to heal the scars from the political campaigns, and get others to UNITE, for the common good. This means reaching out, and becoming a true  leader , not only of those who voted for you, but for everyone!

1. Unity; unify; urgent; urge; useful: Uniting your constituents is not merely some exercise performed, so you can claim unity! Rather, it means recognizing, there will always be differences of opinions, and everyone will not necessarily, either think your way is the best approach, nor you are the best choice to lead! True  leaders  unify, for the good of the organization, so real priorities might be addressed, and urgent business, taken care of, in the best possible way. If you are a  leader , you must differentiate useful from petty stuff, and urge both your supporters, and others, to join together, for the greater good!

2. Needs; niceties: Once elected, one has the choice, of how he will behavior towards others. Will he make it all about him, or clearly show, he seeks to serve all constituents, and the group? How clearly will he address needs, and will he utilize the niceties, which show others you care and respect their wishes?

3. Ideas; integrate; involvement: How will you introduce your ideas? Will you clearly articulate your message, and intent, to integrate positive ingredients and actions, into the group’s activities? The goal of  leaders  must be to enhance involvement, because relevant groups must generate growth!

4. Timely; time – tested; trends: Stop discussing what didn’t work well, in the past! Avoid the easy, lazy course, of blaming and complaining! Rather, introduce well – considered, timely strategies, proceed to taking relevant actions, and take advantage of those trends, which might improve the group’s relevance and sustainability!

5. Excellence; empower; empathy; earn: Don’t assume you know what others think, believe, perceive, or are concerned about! Listen effectively, and develop genuine empathy! Get others involved, so they feel empowered, and want to do more! Never settle for doing the mediocre, but strive for excellence! If you do all this, you will earn the respect, not only of present supporters, but other fair – minded constituents!

You aren’t leading if you divide, because true  leaders  realize, they must UNITE! Do you have what it takes to be a real  leader ?

Source by Richard Brody

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